Why Graystone?  Because you're ready.


You have goals.  You want more out of your business, and it matters to you, a lot.  You’re ready to break the plateau, solve the big problem and take it to the next level.  That’s why we’re here.

We can help you achieve those goals — from revenue growth, marketshare expansion,  employee development, improving customer satisfaction, to generational transition, and more.

Who is Graystone?  

Graystone is a team of experts who customize tools and solutions that survey customer experiences, track revenue, develop personnel, organize business structure, build a healthy work culture and navigate the marketplace you serve — all with your goals as our focus. 

What Graystone is not.   

We’re not a bits-and-pieces solution.  We aren’t project based.  We’re never just in-and-out.  Unlike any other in this industry, Graystone's whole-business integration addresses every aspect of your business.  Why?  Because success isn’t had in bits-and-pieces.  Races aren’t won in starts-and-stops. 

Success is only achieved when knowledge, strategy, and execution meet commitment — we get this, and so do the firms that hire us. 

Why do firms choose Graystone?

All of our clients come to Graystone based on the referral of another Graystone client.  We are 100% referral based.  To us, it's the greatest compliment.   Our clients are progressive, forward-looking  funeral home owners, located predominantly in the United States and Canada.

Leaders, innovators & experts in our field

We are good at this.  Really good.  We have delivered more consulting days and training days than anyone in our industry.  We are unparalleled when it comes to practical experience in our areas of expertise.   We have a team of funeral directors managers and trainers, offering  varied backgrounds and professional experiences.  

Trademarks and protections:

  • Trademark protection of multiple concepts and ideas granted from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 
  • Protections in place — and enforced— for the content and approaches within our system.  Any attempted use by non-client firms is strictly prohibited, further protecting our clients' investment.

By the numbers: 

  • More than 2,500 on-site training and development days delivered
  • More than 2,500 on-site advisory services and consulting days delivered
  • Serving nearly 100 clients, with a resulting impact on a combined total of more than 75,000 families served by our clients
  • Combined, our clients employ more than 3,500 people
  • Graystone just marked 12 years in business
  • We are 15 employees, and growing.  Of our employees,
    • we have more than 100 years combined experience in the funeral industry
    • 5 licensed funeral directors
Before Graystone, we operated with a good — not excellent — approach and didn’t even know that we were settling. We were not the salted bag of chips we thought we were.
— Tony Lloyd, Flanner & Buchanan
Graystone promised that we would more than recoup our initial costs with them in increased volume and revenue and that has proved to be true.
— Ann Kendrick, Pollack-Randall
Graystone has helped us become better managers & executives by the resources & relationships they provide us with. Without Graystone, we would not be moving forward.
— Neil O'Connor, O'Connor Mortuary
Graystone has helped us immeasurably with the business end of our organization. We have been much better business people because of our involvement.

I always thought that we were a terrific firm, and we were. We are considerably better since we have become involved with Graystone.
— Terry Desmond, A.J. Desmond and Sons
Graystone is the vanguard for leadership development, death care business tools and discovery of opportunity. They have been our partner in integrating our locations for consistency of service and overall performance.
— Mark Higgins, Hall-Wynne