The Graystone Toolkit

More than ten years in the making, the Graystone Toolkit has the power to transform your business. This powerful suite of training and tools is designed to integrate into all aspects of your business for maximum impact.


Customer Satisfaction Surveys 

Take what you’ve seen in the industry with customer satisfaction surveys and toss it out the window.  This is different.   Our survey methodology is proprietary.  It's so exclusive, that we've named it and trademarked it:  Funeral Service Research Group®.

But, we don't stop there.  At Graystone, the survey is just the beginning.  What really makes the difference is what you do with the survey data.

This is where Graystone's leadership comes in.

We combine the data with our analysis, research, and interpretation of the answers.  We also develop the ways this data can fuel future actions in your strategy for growth and goal achievement.  

Graystone Revenue Tracker  

Clear, precise and helpful.  Shouldn't all data be presented this way?  

Graystone's financial measurement tools are developed specifically to help you understand revenue performance and expense management so you can identify areas for growth and financial improvement.

 Don't worry, you don't have to be a financial expert at data analysis.  Because along with these financial measurement tools, you'll also receive corresponding in depth analysis from Graystone,  advising on course correction or actions as needed.  

Graystone Opportunity Plan  

Compensation plans.  Just the thought of it can cause intimidation in even the strongest of management teams.  Who gets what, why, and how to communicate it.  This can be really tricky stuff.  But does it need to be?  

This is where Graystone's incentive-based compensation plans come in.  We can solve this problem for you.

With Graystone's incentive-based compensation plans, you can have a plan that is fair, equitable, well-designed and easy to communicate.   Staff responds positively to the clearly delineated expectations and measurements, while performance is rewarded with financial gain.  

In fact, you may even begin to use the words "compensation plan" with a sense of ease and confidence, imagine that! 

Graystone Greats   

What is the Graystone way of professional development?  First let’s talk about what it’s not.  It’s not a day or two of training each year.  It’s not a free class from a vendor or supplier.  It’s not a series of tapes or a trendy business book full of buzzwords.  

Graystone's system of developing the potential of your entire organization’s personnel is a process.  It is facilitated by a professional trainer/educator, and is reinforced in a cycle.  We’re so committed to this approach, that we’ve trademarked the term, The Cycle of Excellence®.  With the Graystone Cycle of Excellence®, you can count on sustainable improvement that will:

  • Develop managers into leaders

  • Motivate, focus, and reward employees

  • Foster newness, creativity and differentiation

  • Move way beyond what you could do on your own

Our surveys enable us to have concrete data on the families we serve and the directors who serve them. Quarterly reports give us a detailed look into our financial performance broken down by location and call type. Our incentive plan offers our staff a clear and directed way to see performance and the reward that comes with it.
— Jeff Nobles
To me, peace of mind is the most beneficial thing about being a Graystone client.  We don’t have to second guess ourselves about anything. We know exactly what our financial targets are and whether or not we are meeting them.  We know that our employees’ schedules, salaries and benefits are appropriate and competitive.  We know whether or not we’ve exceeded the expectations of families we serve.
— Martha Thompson
Any funeral home can be “good” but we strive for “excellent” with the ongoing support of Graystone.

Overall family satisfaction is of utmost importance which is evaluated monthly through both atneed and preneed surveys and even daily should there be any issues of immediate concern.

The greatest Graystone value is the resource of continuing educational materials and a professional staff ready to help implement, educate and monitor progress via text, phone call, email or a scheduled visit to our funeral home.
— Peg Jonkhoff, Reynolds Jonkhoff Funeral Home & Creamtion Services