Tim Maassen

Title:  Senior Account Manager
With Graystone since: 2010
Years in the profession:  33 

Role at Graystone:  The majority of Tim’s time is spent as a trusted business advisor and confidant to owners and the senior management teams of the Graystone Partner Accounts that he manages. His creative mindset is used in all facets of business analysis, strategic planning, cultural development and Caliper based employee and hiring evaluations. Tim specializes in providing expert merchandising and vendor contract analysis on behalf of all Graystone partners and he is responsible for leading the team that performs site location feasibility analysis for potential new build, relocation or new market growth strategies. He also spends time on business development and sales to assist in growing our Graystone base of funeral service business partners.

What Clients Say:  Clients appreciate Tim for his flexibility and understanding of the unique dynamics present at each business he advises. His ability to creatively solve both simple and complex issues, help with the challenging internal communication and cultural challenges that accompany family owned businesses and keeping customers focused on their priorities is valued and appreciated.

Expertise: As a part of the Graystone Team, Tim has a varied and unique skill set that has been formed over 30 years as a licensed funeral director (Wisconsin, National Board Qualified), including business operations, management, business analytics, business development/sales, personnel management, merchandising and inventory control/management, along with many other business/funeral home specific operations management disciplines. Tim is highly creative and enjoys the challenges of helping customers address unique and abstract issues in their businesses. He especially enjoys and excels in the challenges of working with the varied personalities involved in the governance of family owned businesses, working with each individual within the family ownership/leadership structure to bring clarity and when necessary compromise to difficult internal challenges.

Passion for the Work:  Tim has dedicated his life to the Funeral Service Profession and his passion is always evident in everything he has done throughout his career. The role he currently fulfills with Graystone Associates is comprehensive in nature and allows him to touch every aspect of the business operations at some of the finest Funeral Service providers in North America. He feels privileged to be able to contribute to their ability to serve families at the highest level which ultimately contributes to their growth and success.

Prior to Graystone:  Tim Graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a B.A. in Economics and from MATC – Milwaukee with an Associates Degree in Funeral Service. Tim has been licensed as a Funeral Director/Embalmer in Wisconsin for 29 years and worked as an active Funeral Director and Embalmer for 17 years in various capacities including location Manager and Managing Partner. He continued his career in Funeral Service as a Senior Sales Advisor/Area Manager for Aurora Casket Company and was a member of its Sales Advisory Board. Tim brings a comprehensive background in Funeral Service Operations, Business Analysis, Sales Strategies, Merchandising and Customer Service Delivery to his role with Graystone Associates.