Brad Masters

Title:  Senior Trainer
With Graystone since: 2017
Years in the profession:  17 

Role at Graystone:  Brad’s role within Graystone includes the facilitation of training group sessions for our clients as well as conducting one-on-one coaching with funeral home staff members.  He contributes to the creation of new training content, drawing from his professional development background and insight. 

What Clients Say:  Those working with Brad enjoy his creativity and problem-solving skills.  His combination of industry experience and creative thinking provides a different viewpoint and often times unique approach in dealing with everyday situations.

Expertise: Brad’s specific areas of expertise are centered around his many years of hands-on experience in the funeral industry. Brad works with companies big and small, and knows the differences that come with varying size. With this in mind, Brad facilitates training in a way that benefits each client, specifically. Aside from working hands-on with training, Brad uses his experience of managing funeral homes and cemeteries to better assist clients with developing business plans, determining financial objectives, creating custom training sessions for revenue focused clients, and assisting with all aspects of cemeteries. Brad’s background of managing cemeteries allows him to help contribute to clients with developing of new gardens, inventory and pricing control, product options, as well as providing support to sales team. Being operationally minded, Brad always keeps Graystone clients’ best interests in mind — ensuring clients can operate more effectively while generating more revenue.  

Passion for the Work:  Brad enjoys thinking outside of the box, and therefore understands that families today want to have a tailored service for their loved one — not a cookie cutter service.

Prior to Graystone:  Brad was introduced into funeral service in his early years of high school.  Early on, he gained a broad perspective of the business and his passion for funeral service carried with him into college.  He continued to work for a family owned funeral home while attending classes. Knowing that taking care of families was in his heart, he enrolled into the Dallas Institute of Funeral Service where he graduated in 2007. As a licensed Funeral Director since 2008, Brad has a wide range of work experience that includes:  Funeral Director, Funeral Home Manager, Corporate Trainer, and General Manager of large funeral homes and cemeteries.