Graystone's Approach 

Our innovative approach is what sets Graystone apart from the crowd. Working with world-class leaders, seeing the big picture, being accountable, and surrounding yourself with the best peers possible ... these core values are at the heart of Graystone's approach. 

Whole-Business Integration   

We're here to help your business — all of your business.  After all, every aspect of your business is valuable. Yet, too many offerings out there are piece meal or afterthoughts. 

We know you're offered lots of different types of training, webinars, surveys. Many of them are freebies, or very low cost. It seems like a good idea ... until you invest hundreds of hours into something that doesn't provide any real result. Worse yet,  core issues preventing success become even more damaging in the meantime. That's time, money and missed opportunity that you'll never get back.

Graystone solves that dilemma.  No piece meal approach. Instead,  a comprehensive, whole-business integration of an effective solution that saves you time and maximizes the return on your investment. 

Supportive Accountability     

When you know better, you should do better, right? Then why is it, after a business consultant issues a report, after a trainer comes for a workshop, after a business book is read ...  despite the best of intentions … it's all too easy to return to old ways?  

Maybe it's because true success isn't an event ... it's a process.

Graystone provides our clients with ongoing supportive accountability.  We follow through and follow up, so leadership teams consistently meet goals, execute plans and attain results.  

Graystone's supportive accountability means we're here for the long haul, not a quick fix. And, we're here with you, every step of the way.  

Market Exclusivity     

The advantages Graystone provides our clients creates a distinct and clear edge over the competition. We want to protect that edge for you, in your local marketplace.  That's why we offer market exclusivity for all of our clients.

With Graystone's market exclusivity, your investment in your business is protected to the maximum level possible. We work with you, for you — never against you.  

Graystone Collaborative  

As members of an elite group of firms, our clients make up the Graystone Collaborative.  Like "two heads are better than one," but on steroids.  

As a Graystone client, you gain access to a world of support and wisdom among the best-of-the-best in funeral service. Activities include:

  • Peer group access
  • Best practices
  • Round table learning
  • International and regional summit meetings

Graystone Greats™ 

Each year, we recognize the best of the best with our  Graystone Greats™ award.   Announced at Graystone's Client Summit each year, Graystone Greats™ is more than an honor roll. It provides a benchmark based on real-world measurements that can serve all of our clients with a comparable standard of performance.

The Graystone Collaborative has provided opportunities to improve my leadership ability through beneficial training and programs. They have also been extremely beneficial in giving me a venue to network and gather “Best Practices” from other managers and owners and implement them within our organization.
— Mike Smits, Gunderson Funeral & Cremation Care
Working with Graystone has given me specific focus on what matters the most, our families!

Graystone  tools have provided me ways to help our staff deliver exceptional service, through targeted training and support to them.  Holding me as an owner accountable to my staff. Graystone is more than a consultant, but a true partner, and is making our funeral home successful.
— Jon Leavitt, Leavitt Funeral Services and Crematory
Graystone has given us the tools to identify, very specifically, the areas in which we excel and areas in which we can improve, both as a team and as individuals.  They provide definitive guidance and counsel on how to address these identified areas of improvement.  

Every goal Graystone is working with us to achieve, ultimately lends to greater family satisfaction and will help our business continue to grow for years to come.
— Rebekah Anderson Guiffre, Anderson Funeral Homes