Alan McGrew

Title:   Senior Account Manager & Trainer
With Graystone since: 2011
Years in the profession:  18 

Role at Graystone:  Alan contributes to Graystone’s team in multiple ways.  Three main areas of focus are training both new and mature client —he is one of our Senior Account Managers—and he also oversees the development and management of our CARE CONTACT™ Call Management System.  Alan also assists with the development of some of our new training materials and content. 

What Clients Say:  That one of Alan’s key attributes is his constant desire to help them improve, no matter their needs.  From staff development to more general operational and/or financial issues related to the management of their business, Alan is always willing and able to dive-in and assist.  Clients also value Alan’s prior experiences whether leaning on his time spent within the funeral profession or his exposure to different industries and roles.  

Expertise:  Alan’s specific areas of expertise have come from his many years working in funeral homes as well as from leading, operating and managing a variety of teams both within our profession and outside.  Some of Alan’s strengths, to name a few, are in the areas of people development, Caliper evaluations and how to apply and grow from the results, merchandising, Support & Follow Up® techniques, including managing Graystone’s proprietary CARECONTACT® Call Management System.  

Passion for the Work:  Anyone that works with Alan can easily see his passion for working within this profession and with all of those associated with it.  He openly shares the experiences he had outside our profession.  And while he is proud of those accomplishments and of the new skills he learned, Alan quickly realized how much he missed working in the funeral home environment and was excited to join Graystone Associates.  Furthermore, Alan feels incredibly gratified when he looks back in time with his clients and sees the progress that has been made.  Moreover, he feels a strong connection between himself and those that work directly with the families being served.  Even though Alan no longer has much direct contact with grieving families, he feels tremendous reward when he knows he had even a small part in making their experience a little bit better through those with whom he has had the opportunity to work.  

Prior to Graystone:  Alan grew up in the funeral profession as the son of an owner of a funeral home supply company, Monarch Resources.  Even as a child, he began to learn the importance of a strong work ethic and developed a passion for delivering strong customer service.  Alan graduated from the University of North Texas with a B. A. in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing.  In 1998, Alan left the vendor side of this business and began working directly in and with funeral homes by serving in a variety of roles.  Some of Alan’s role-highlights were him serving as the manager of a cluster of five funeral homes and two cemeteries, working as the Director of Training & Development, and he was later promoted to become a Regional Manager of Operations.  In his brief time away from the profession, Alan worked at Starlite Sign, a premier national sign manufacturer and brand manager, as their General Manager.  Alan’s vast exposure to multiple business environments are some of the keys to him being able to assist his clients succeed no matter what challenge might be in front of them.